On July 19, 2018 Ellis Passivhaus became Illinois’ First Passivhaus Institut Certified Building.

Wellness, sustainability, and maximum energy efficiency converge in this meticulous reconstruction.

In comparison to an average Chicago household living in the same sized house, Ellis Passivhaus reduces required total energy from 151,548 kWh per year to 11,500 kWh per year. This reduces C02 emissions from 212,908 pounds per year to 10,350 pounds per year.

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Household Energy Expense & C02 Comparison Side by Side

Ellis Passivhaus Flyer

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Project Specific downloads

Health, Wellness & Sustainability Features 
Floor Plans
Survey November 2017
Appraisal - April 2017
Ellis Passivhaus PHPP FINAL (“The PHPP”)
Ellis Passivhaus - Passivhaus Institut EnerPhit Certificate
Ellis Passivhaus -  Passivhaus Construction Details 
Zehnder CA 550 ERV - PHI Certificate
Munster Klearwall Windows - Passiv.future.proof - PHI Certificate
Solar Energy Plan for Ellis Passivhaus
Permit Plans (New Construction) for Ellis Passivhaus
Construction Costs Ellis Passivhaus Report (New construction, Renovation)
Comparative Valuation - Local "Comps" Report
Chicago Present Value of Energy Savings
Chicago vs other US Cities - natural gas and electricity prices
Chicago Household Energy Expense & C02 - Side by Side
Ellis Passivhaus Polar Vortex Case Study 2019
Ellis Passivhaus Polar Vortex Hourly Demand and Temperature Data
Passivhaus Institut Certified Tradesperson Certificate - Mike Conners
Passive House Definition — Passipedia
ASHRAE Design Conditions - Midway AP, IL
ISO 7730 - “Comfort”
Chicago Air Quality.  PM 2.5. The Killer That Can’t Be Seen.

Mechanical Submittals

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat - MXZ-8C48NAH Brochure
MXZ Efficiencies
M-Series Reference Service Manual
M-Series MSZ-FH06NA
Zehnder CA550 Energy Recovery Ventilator
Zehnder - How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Brochure
Crossville Hydrotect Virtue Tile
St Gobain/Certainteed AirRenew Drywall

Reports, Presentations Government Press Releases:

Passivhaus Economics for Chicago 101 Presentation
Chicago Air Quality and Morbidity Presentation
Aldermanic Note - Seven Key Points
Mayors Sign Chicago Climate Action Plan Press Release 12.5.17
Mayoral Press Release - Seventy Three Percent C02 & Buildings 1.24.2017
Chicago Climate Action Plan - Summary
Manhattan Borough Resolutions Endorsing Passivhaus Institut Bld Standard 4.21.16
Chicago Climate Charter, North American Climate Summit
C40 Cities.org Climate Leadership Group - 10 year report