Climate models - systematic errors

Global warming is real. It’s been going on for a very, very long time. However the pronounced rate of increase coincides largely with manmade combustion associated with the advent of cars and the industrial revolution. It’s reversible. Nuclear, wind and solar energy sources hold great promise for centralized and distributed generation. Breakthroughs in materials science across the board loom on the horizon. And Passivhaus presents and economically viable solution for renovation of and new construction of buildings where most energy consumption inures. Man made C02 and related emissions have overwhelmed the atmosphere’s ability to disperse it. Too much combustion is bad. It’s killing life on the planet.

That said, some don’t share this view. They cite potentially wildly biased climate models and a conspiracy of elites to wrangle more control over us common folk by creating a mass hysteria for which only they have solutions.

Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Patrick Michael - Cato Institute

The Bias in Climate Science - Dr. Roy Spencer

John Coleman - Founder, The Weather Channel

All models are biased. All models have error terms. Hindsight is 20/20.