Most energy produced results from carbon fuels which produce C02 emissions. Asthma has become the most common chronic childhood disease in the industrialized world. Man-made C02 emissions resulting from combustion represent prime factors in this and many other diseases. The Passivhaus Institut Building Standard results in buildings that routinely deliver a 90% reduction in energy demand while also delivering a steady stream of fresh filter air.

“Particulate air pollution shortens lives globally, even more than cigarettes. There is no greater current risk to human health.”
— Michael Greenstone, Milton Friedman Professor in Economics, University of Chicago

Chicago literally gets an F in air quality according the the American Lung Association.

Every Passivhaus Institut Certified Building delivers a continuous stream of fresh filtered air while retaining > 75% of the embedded energy in the extract air stream.

Ellis Passivhaus uses a Zehnder ERV (energy recovery ventilator) that removes 90% of particulate matter greater the 1.0 microns and 75% of particulate matter that is < 1.0 microns. It runs 24/7 at 84% efficiency and uses < 2 kWh per day of electricity.

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