Original Conditions, Demo, Foundation Repair, Waterproofing, and Insulation

This property was acquired from a bank. It had been very poorly renovated within the past 10 years so much so that the renovation created a perfect environment for mold growth.  Large portions of basement drywall had been removed exposing a porous foundation wall. The interior humidity levels routinely measured > 75%.  Pronounced levels of efflorescence were apparent and brick spalling presented.  Demo revealed showed numerous highly compromised floor and roof joists, numerous holes and cracks in the walls, a terribly conceived insulation and HVAC strategy. A pronounced mildew smell permeated the entire structure.  The initial whole house blower door test resulted in a measurement of 17.00 ACH at Pascal 50.  Thermal image shots alluded to several water penetrations in the roof, walls and windows.  A large and diseased honey locust tree and other scout trees rooted on the northern neighbor's property dramatically overhung.