5485 South Ellis was acquired from a bank in August 2015. Due to prior non-code compliant renovations, extensive mold growth, water and structural damage had OCCURRED rendering the 2 BEDROOM 2 bath home uninhabitable. The pictures below show Original Conditions and some of the remedial work performed like Demo, Foundation/Mortar crack Repair, Waterproofing, and Insulation. Numerous cracks presented. crumbling face brick resulted due to poor drainage and the freeze-thaw cycle. Highly degraded structural joist members presented during demo. Non compliant mudroom. Extensive Water leaks and Mold growth…Facade renovation, Face brick repair and replacement, Below grade foundation renovation, waterproofing and insulation and the REPLACEMENT of nearly all joist members resulted. In the final analysis, an exhaustive structural and mechanical renovation occurred enabling the ADDITION two bedrooms, one bath, a dining room, laundry and family room.