What is a Passive house

I'm a Passive House enthusiast. I'm involved in this great movement to create highly energy efficient buildings that use 80 to 90% less energy. But how? People ask me all the time, so this is the low down in 90 seconds.

Habitat For Humanity - DC

The group Habitat for Humanity is building six homes in Washington, D.C., that are not only affordable but also energy efficient. Known as passive houses, these homes meet rigorous standards through low-energy construction practices and energy-efficient appliances.

English Townhouse

Many agrees that The Passivhaus is the 'eco-home' of the future; built with high levels of insulation, triple glazing and using heat from objects and people inside the house. On average, a three-bedroomed Passivhaus home generates just £120-energy bills per annum.

Brooklyn Brownstone Renovation

As winter trudges on, many of us are feeling the sting of high heating bills. but some people in Brooklyn are building and renovating in a way that reduces the energy needed for heating and cooling by up to 90%.

What's it like to live in a PassivHaus?

Excerpt 1 - "Passive Passion" Documentary

An excerpt from the documentary Passive Passion, which examines Passive House, the stringent German energy-efficiency standard (slowly) gaining popularity in the United States. Here, Wolfgang Feist, co-creator of the original Passive House, discusses the high level of comfort the buildings afford. http://charliehoxie.com/?page_id=2

EXCERPT 2 from "Passive PAssion" Documentary - Interview with first occupant

An excerpt from the documentary Passive Passion, which examines Passive House, the stringent German energy-efficiency standard (slowly) gaining popularity in the United States. This clip illustrates the basic principles of Passive House. More info: http://charliehoxie.com/?page_id=2

Passive House in England

http://www.houseplanninghelp.com/podcast Mark Tiramani explains what it has been like to live in a Passivhaus for the last 5 years. Check out his blog at http://passivebuild.co.uk/

Elk Washington

Passive house technology is part of the future of architecture, and it's here now. This compact new passivhaus home is working to save money and create a premium quality interior environment for a soon-to-be-retired couple in tiny Elk, Washington.

New Construction - Oregon

"Pumpkin Ridge" Passive House. North Plains, OR

Day to day Living in BC

On the Front Lines - Two Years Living in a Passive House This is the episode where we speak to home owner Susan Bernhardt. She is the wife of Rob Bernhardt who we had on the last episode of the show. Susan gives a great view into living in a passive house.

Long Term in Sweeden

Modern myths about passive houses are crushed as Lisen, Elvis, Ronja and Frida asks questions to energy experts and passive house residents. Sweeden. 

Long Term in Germany

Interviews with residents of early Passivhaus developments in Frankfurt and Berlin

New Construction in New Zealand

The First Passive House in New Zealand wins the architectural merits award at the South Pacific Passive House Conference 2015.

New Construction in Japan

Japan is considered one of the world's most energy-efficient countries,and its industry - carmakers first and foremost - sets standards. Only in home construction is Japan an energy guzzler.Now the first ultra-low-energy house has been built in the country,and it shows cost-efficient and environmentally concious planning and building can save surprising amounts of energy.

New Construction - Affordable Housing in Canada

Randy Proven and his crew at Sun Certified Builders Co-op are devoted to constructing low-energy homes. The organization follows a model called Passive House, a method of building energy efficient buildings, something that isn't often used in Manitoba