Mike Conners

Mike Conners

Builder. BA Economics, SF State University. MBA University of Chicago.  Multiple whole house historic renovations. Certified Passivhaus Institut Tradesperson, '15, Certified Passivhaus Institut Design-Consultant, '17 (rising.) Professional investor. 25+ years quantitative portfolio management. Equities. Derivatives.  

Richard Kasemsarn, AIA

Architect.  BA Architecture, University Of Michigan. MA Architecture, Yale.  20+ years experience. 75+ permits.


Slawek Prusinowski

Lead Carpenter. 20+ years experience. 100+ projects.


Stanley Szestowicki 

Electrical Contractor. 30+ years experience. 100+ permits.


Martin Wec

HVAC Contractor. 20+ years experience. 100+ permits.



Associate.  RK Architecture