Hardwood Floors

Asia manufactures sixty percent of all hardwood flooring sold in the US, including the most popular species actually grown in the US.  North American lumber industry sources say that the 16 largest container ships produce the same amount of carbon emissions as all cars and trucks in service globally.  If so,  we harvest oak, maple, poplar, ash and other species and ship them to Asia by truck, train and boat where the material is processed into flooring packaged up and then shipped back to the US.  Upon recognizing this insanity, we discovered "urban forestry."  An "urban forest mill" works with local park districts and arborists who supply them with felled hardwood trees which they process into rough lumber.  We procured white oak rough lumber from a local urban forester which came from Evanston and Skokie trees and a local mill shop then turned the furniture grade, rift and quartered long board material into beautiful wide plank tongue and groove flooring.