“Price is what you pay; value is what you get...”
— Warren Buffet
A Passivhaus Institut Certified Building provides an optimal combination of features that result in the highest levels of both indoor air quality and sustainability on the one hand, AND, resiliency and energy efficiency on the other.  Ellis Passivhaus incorporates a continuous mechanical ventilation system the removes 90% of particulate matter > 1.0 microns (dust, pollen, mold and airborne bacteria) from the inbound air stream while retaining > 84% of the energy embedded in the extract air flow and using < 2.0 kWh per day.  At 3723 square feet, Ellis Passivhaus requires just 6000 kWh for heating and 3000 kWh for cooling per year.   This “Load” can be provided with just 5000 W in system capacity. That’s one hair dryer per floor.  In total Ellis Passivhaus requires just under 12,000 kWh per year for all energy uses as defined.  With hourly pricing from ComEd at $.03 per kWh, annual expense approximates just $360.00 per year all else equal, saving over $4500 per year relative to an average Chicago house of the same size that relies on natural gas and preventing the production of approximately 200,000 pounds of C02 emissions per year.  Further, a 10kW rooftop solar array ( ~ 30 solar panels) should produce 12,000 kWh per year of energy making  Ellis Passivhaus “net zero” to boot.  Energy prices have increased by 3% per year on average over the past 50 years and Chicagoans pay 14% more for electricity but 34% less for natural gas.  A carbon tax,which is gaining traction on both sides of the political spectrum, seems almost inevitable.  

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