The sale price of a given property should reflect all AVAILABLE information including energy, operating, maintenance, management and property tax expense over its useful life.

“Price is what you pay; value is what you get...”
— Warren Buffet

List Price: $1,725,000. $463 PSF.

Price Includes 10 kW solar array and garage as designed.

REDFIn 2019 Est. Value w/o energy savings: $1,621,771. $434 PSF.

Campus zone Land VAlue sold sale comps = $150 PSF.

Average as-is/wear-is campus zone sold-sale comp: $434 PSF

A Passivhaus Institut Certified Building delivers pristine indoor air quality with energy expense that APPROACHES $0.00 per year on the one hand, AND, sustainability and resiliency on the other. In Chicago, this eliminates > 80% of the co2 emissions that would otherwise result helping solve Chicago’s #1 health issue - Poor Air Quality.

Ellis Passivhaus uses electricity to supply 100% of its total energy needs. With its planned rooftop solar array, Ellis Passivhaus saves the household over $9000 per year in annual energy expense, all else equal, which includes 10,000 miles of driving. The present value of these energy savings alone exceeds $300,000 and $80 PSF.

Energy prices have increased by 3% per year on average over the past 50 years and Chicagoan's pay 14% more for electricity than the national average.  A carbon tax, which is gaining traction on both sides of the political spectrum, seems almost inevitable enhancing the core value proposition provided by Ellis Passivhaus.

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